Improving gut health


  • Form of protected Zinc oxide stabilizing intestinal microflora

ZINKING™ is a new form of protected Zinc oxide stabilizing intestinal microflora.
ZINKING™ prevents effectively the enterotoxigenic pathogens after the weaning.


When utilize ZINKING™

When utilize ZINKING™
  • To prevent post weaning diarrhoea 
  • After feed changement quality
  • During stress situation
  • To improve immunity status

ZINKING™ way of action.

ZINKING™ contains Zinc oxide protected by a lipidic and oligosaccharide matrix (able to pass through the gastric barrier) which gets soluble in the first intestinal tract thanks to pH change and pancreatic enzymes.

ZINKING™ reach directly the last tract of intestine where develop an effective selection on the pathogenic bacteria reducing diarrhoea problems.

ZINKING™ mantains the gut epithelium integrity and the health of villus.

ZINKING ™ effect in vitro

Evaluation of CFU of E. coli in solutions containing 150 ppm of Zinc in the intestinal fluid at time 0, and after 3 hours of incubation.

The treatments included incubation with previous or reconstituted porcine gastric juice (pH3) or HCl (pH3).
Data from UNIVERSITY OF MILAN, Department of Veterinary Science and Technology 2012.

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