Improving pig performance with


  • Low-dose acidifying mix

PIGACID™ : low-dose acidifying mix to stabilize the intestinal bacterial flora

PIGACID™ effectively prevents the ETEC pathogens after weaning

PIGACID™ effectively prevents the Clostridia negative action


Pigacid™ mode of action

Pigacid™ mode of action

At weaning the digestive system of piglet is not fully developed and the production of hydrochloric acid may be insufficient (Fig.1): when the pH of stomach maintains levels higher than 4,0, the feed proteins are not totally erased and the indigestible part reaches the intestinal tract providing the “pabulum” ideal for toxigenic bacteria proliferation with diarrhea and/or oedema formation .

The main protagonist (although not the only one) of the phenomenon is the enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, whose action is associated with the appearance of post weaning diarrhea (PMWD).

The disease occurs worldwide and it is one of the major causes of mortality of piglets after weaning.

PIGACID contains Formic Acid (E236)* and Lactic Acid (E270)** mixed with a technological additive that turns the product into gel.

PIGACID  is able to pass the gastric barrier and to dissolve slowly along the whole intestinal tract also reaching the last intestinal portion where it develops a real action of selection of the bacterial flora with marked antidiarrheal action.

PIGACID maintains the integrity of the intestinal epithelium and the health and height of the villi.

PIGACID™ does not cause ulcerations in the oesophagus and stomach.

When to use PIGACID™

  • To prevent post-weaning diarrhea 
  • In the passage among different quality feeds
  • In stress situation
  • In case of badly stored feeds
  • Mash badly preserved or still warm
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